Show me the gold

Couldnt get in the studio so scribbled over photo of painting so far in sketchbook pro my fav drawing app. Have had a sporadic couple of weeks. Though the painting has moved on a bit now still not quite finished.

It is coming along. I have realised that this image, which is from feeding my hens and is something I do most days about 3 pm, is very similar in subject to a tapestry I bought at an auction a couple of years ago that has never made it up on the wall but rests at present on the window ledge in the wardrobe come dressing room. I had forgotten about until I had actually started the painting and found it again when reorganising the wardrobe( procrastinating) and it came as a real surprise. And now I question my memory I really had forgotten about it – I have always considered my memory really very good I now have to adjust this belief. I was folding my daughters cloths yesterday and found a black chunky knit cardigan which looked hand made and was considering which charity shop she must have bought it at then the memory broke though and I remembered something about the way the collar had been made and then remembered making it when she was in sixth form. Another memory gap filled !!
I have blind spots. This is interesting it shapes a new reality and offers surprises.

Here is the tapestry.

Gold because this corn produces the most golden egg yokes and the hens love it.

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